General commission sizes:

Small Commission: Paper size is 23.5” x 28”; Image size 14.25” x 19”

$2,900 Unframed; $3,400 Framed

Large Commission: Paper size is 27.25” x 33”; Image size 17.5” x 24”
$3,900 Unframed; $4,500 Framed

Standard museum framing, 3 selections to consider.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You will select a photograph. H.C. Porter likes to consider her work environmental portraits. We encourage you to select a photograph that includes other elements to tell the whole story. H.C. prefers to work with more elements than an up-close portrait. You can select several images if you would like and we can help you select one.
  2. You provide the photograph or a high contrast scan of the photo, at least a 300 dpi scan to keep the detail in the image, and a 50% deposit on the size you select. We will work with you to get a high-resolution image of your photograph if you need help. Then we will ask for the scanned file through a dropbox file request. You just drag and drop it. Your order is placed and the process begins. : ) H.C. will create a high-contrast silkscreen print of the image and then start the painting directly on top of the silkscreened ink image. The timeline for completion depends on the painting schedule at the time the order is placed generally 6-10 weeks
  3. H.C. will create a unique mixed media original painting for you.
  4. You pay the remaining balance once the painting is finished and the shipping also if the order is placed from out of state.

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