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  • Galerie Amacla, Toulouse, France, International
  • Gallery Point Leflore, Greenwood, MS
  • Negrotto’s Gallery, Biloxi, MS

Southern Breeze Gallery

Southern Breeze Gallery
Jackson, MS

H.C. (Chris) Porter with Southern Breeze Gallery owners Bill Jones (left) and Glenn Sanford (right)

Reception at Southern Breeze Gallery,
December 2000

St. Petersburg Art Center

The Printed Figure – A National Printmaking Invitational Exhibition: H.C. Porter’s serigraphs were included in this special exhibit of women printmakers in the fall of 2000.

Attic Gallery

Attic Gallery owners Lesley Silver and Daniel Boone with H.C. Porter (left)

Art Village Gallery

“Human Spirit” – An exhibition of paintings & serigraphs by H.C. Porter.
Feb. 23 – March 16, 2001.
Art Village Gallery
Memphis, TN

H.C. Porter (center) with long-time friend & gallery owner Ephraim (right) and gallery director Kysha (left)

Gallery Amacla

H.C. Porter’s first European exhibition was held in the summer of 2001 in Toulouse, France.

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